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I’m moving! August 1, 2009

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Hi guys, sorry I haven’t been updating this blog. I bought a domain a couple of months ago – wasn’t really able to do much on it (and on this) recently. Anyhoo, come visit!

I’m moving to:



Chie, let go. September 15, 2008

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I think I know what my problem is at work. I cannot imagine going home with some things left undone. They haunt me at night. 

It’s hard to find people to find the same level of commitment that I have with my work and sometimes it just drives me crazy. Like today.


Hmmm. Maybe that’s also why I’m single. Bugger.

Chie to Self: I have to let go. I need to let go.

eraserheads concert confirmed on 30 August August 25, 2008

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eraserheads aug 30 08 CONFIRMED



After all the rumor mongering in blogs regarding the concert being cancelled.. well it isn’t. I just hate the way people hear about something and immediately post the information without even trying to look for confirmation.. don’t you? Tsktsk. This email is from Raymund Marasigan, posted in the official sandwich egroup so I know this is true.


Ever wondered why women like bad boys? August 11, 2008

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It’s because they’re safe.

I never really got what the lure was until I met some bad boys. They definitely make life interesting.

But you do expect them to be bad, to break your heart, be someone you can’t really fully trust. And when they fulfill all those expectations, it doesn’t hurt as bad.

When you really think about it though, it still hurts and you blame yourself why you even bothered to paint yourself in that stupid corner.

And then you think about the good boys.

In my experience, they preferred the waif-like wallflowers that will stand by them and swoon, waiting to be rescued. I was never that. I’m more of a fiery passionate bitch. Taming of this shrew would definitely be a challenge. Haha.

So do I prefer bad boys over good boys? Hmmm. Haven’t really made up my mind yet on that one.

A Girl’s Guide to an MMDA’s heart August 9, 2008

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I was driving to school this morning when two blue uniformed men came over and tapped my window when the red light went on. The MMDA boys were eyeing my plate earlier. Well, there goes my early-to-school-to-study agenda. Pfft. (more…)

Revamp in the works! July 19, 2008

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Yes, I found time!

I shall be updating this blog soon… totoo na ‘to!




Bollocks to Valentine’s Day February 14, 2008

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meish dot org : be my anti valentine provides service for all the people who think Valentine’s Day is sickly-sweet, exclusively coupley, consumerist nonsense or otherwise a bit naff.

February 11, 2008

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Hmmm. I wanna post but when I’m here I’m at a loss for words.

One day I hope to get my groove back.


Yes, I’m still alive! November 22, 2007

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I cannot believe I’ve been so busy these past few months that I haven’t even posted anything! Just to update you guys, work has been driving me crazeeeeeeeee…

I’m still at work (8:36pm) but I will be going home soon. I’ll try to update this later (Good luck on that-haha!).

In any case, one of the reasons I’m probably too lazy to post (aside from the fact that I am suuuper busy and stressed) is that I do not have photoshop on my laptop. It’s just ain’t fun if I don’t have images on my posts.. hehe.

Busyness… that’s life in Singapore August 26, 2007

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I’ve been so friggin busy I haven’t even posted ANYTHING at all. Maybe when I move to my new place on Saturday I’ll have more time to update this. It’s been a helluva ride. Stay tuned folks!

I’m lovin’ it here.   🙂