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New Landline. Why the hell..?!? May 18, 2007

Posted by Me in Ohmygod Moments, Personal, Ramblings.

I got a text this afternoon from my mother.

This is our new home phone XXX-XXXX

Hmm.. okaaaaay.. I don’t think they’ll get an additional number for the house since I’m the only one that really burns the lines anyway. We DON’T NEED an additional number.  So really, my initial reaction was… What the fuck?!? What happened to our old number?!??

When I replied to mom “What happened to the old number?!?” She obviously didn’t reply and so I sat there.. simmering. I tried calling the old number and it was apparently dead already and I couldn’t get through the new number because it was pretty busy. When I finally got through my mom answered the phone and I went on a tirade “What the hell happened to the old number?? Is it permanently disconnected?? Will we get it back? Why the hell do we have a new one??” and I kept going on and on and on… it was typical of my mom to hand over the phone to my dad who avoided answering any of my questions. He changed the topic and asked what time I’ll be home and if I needed to be fetched from wherever. Like, what the fuck?!? Changing the topic?!? Hay nako. I just gave up. Super duper badtrip talaga.

Why am I so pissed?

  1. We’ve been using the old landline ever since we transferred to Antipolo… it’s been around for at least thirteen years!
  2. All my yearbooks have that friggin number. I’ve changed mobile numbers three times but I’m always confident that I can be contacted by people through my landline because it has always remained as is, up until now. Fuck.
  3. Unlike my parents, I actually have friends. Old friends know my landline more than my mobile. People call me on my landline during my birthday to greet me! Yep, they CALL MY LANDLINE, they don’t text or email or visit.
  4. The old landline number is my contact number in the resumes I’ve been sending out. AAARRGGGHH!!!!!!
  5. The old landline number is the contact number I’ve written in ALL the “In case of emergency” numbers. I never put in my parent’s mobile phones because they easily throw the prepaid SIMS away.. they’ve changed about three times already. So in case I get into an accident within the week, nobody can contact my parents to tell them I need blood transfusion. Bleh.
  6. I cannot update everyone regarding my landline…  not everyone is on my email group or in my mobile. I don’t want to start calling all my credit cards and whatever membership group I’m in just to have them update my profile!

I can go on and on and on.. I don’t think I can shake this off. I’m so damn pissed about the new landline I don’t even want to give it out anymore. Damn it.



1. Cat - May 23, 2007

Sadly, I rarely use the landline anymore.
Even when the boyfriend and I fight, we use mobile phones. I have no idea why we never thought of using the landline. :p
My highschool friends still have the same landline as they did 10 years ago but I don’t remember their numbers anymore.. even if I used to call them up everyday, sometimes twice a day!

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