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Search For the New Pussy April 23, 2007

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Wanna see a bunch of skanks battle it out on prime time TV? Here’s your chance.

ETC has started airing The Search for The Next Doll every Tuesdays, 10PM.

Fun fun fun!


High School Memories March 27, 2007

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I barely remember my high school life. It was so uneventful that I can’t even pull out anecdotes or funny stories from my memory bank. Or maybe it was just too horrible that my mind blanks out everytime I try to remember haha.

Yes, I was the boring girl that kept to herself. I wrote for the school paper, joined the Computer Club, and the oh-so-exciting Book Lovers Club (God, I can’t believe I just admitted this publicly). Well, no one can get more boring than that. On the day I become President of the World and they write about my life, my high school life would be left out because it would be the most boring chapter. It would probably consist of one page just so that they can write about factual details like where I went to school and who my seatmates were (if they can even confirm that they were my seatmates).

So do I have embarrassing pictures and videos out there? Hmmmm… (more…)

VideoJug shows you How To…. March 23, 2007

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….Kiss Someone Passionately.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Yep, it’s true! Get ready to add VideoJug to your bookmarks!


How did hideous rubber shoes become a fad? March 22, 2007

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What. The. Fuck.

Celebrities wearing the ugliest footwear on the planetThe world has gone mad. When did it become okay for women, children, and hot celebs like Nicole Appleton and Faith Hill to skulk around in cartoon-mouse footwear?? Notice that Nicole and Faith look their ugliest in their croc-wearing-pictures on the left.

If you’ve seen Crocs on the street, you’d understand. Crocs are absolutely the ugliest footwear I’ve ever seen. Seeing hot pink crocs on a 40-something woman was beyond hilarious.. it was pitiful even. Kids wearing crocs are forgivable.. they look really cute on those tiny feet. However, if your kids look ugly then don’t even bother buying a pair. I wouldn’t pay a dime for something that costs that ugly (Php.1,800 to Php.3,000 for the ugly shoes and Php.150 to Php.250 for the accessories).


How To Kill a Brand: Play Station 3 March 21, 2007

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Despite the buildup and hype around its arrival in November, the PS3 has been outsold so far — at a rate of almost 2-to-1 — by the Nintendo Wii, according to USA Today. In February, the Wii was the top-selling console video game system with an estimated 335,000 sold, outpacing the Microsoft Xbox 360 (228,000) and the PS3 (127,000), according to The NPD Group.

Check out this video I found online. It’s just waaay too great (and too funny) not to share with as many people as possible. The song is called “How to Kill a Brand” by Doc Adams, a parody sung to the tune of “How to Save a Life” by Fray. It sums up perfectly why the I’m not at all excited with the PS3. (more…)

Applying the World’s Latest Technology in Men’s Pantiliners March 21, 2007

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Yep, you read it right. Men’s Pantiliners. Love Moon proudly announces that they’ve created the first sanitary pad for men. It is made up of high grade pure cotton with a patented negative ion chip inlaid in the cotton for the prevention and relief of genital diseases! This is GREAT news! For you guys out there, you wouldn’t have to worry about a thing.. your special buddy will be safely nestled in negative ions that will regularize blood circulation (we all know that all that jacking off has increased your blood pressure).

Pantiliners for Men

This has got to be one of the most ridiculous ads thing I’ve ever seen. (more…)

Uncyclopedia Rocks March 20, 2007

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As I was blog hopping, I came across this satirical parody of Wikipedia.

According to Wikipedia:

Uncyclopedia logoUncyclopedia, “the content-free encyclopedia that anyone can edit,” is a satirical parody of Wikipedia. The site was launched in January 2005 by Jonathan Huang and an unnamed counterpart. The Uncyclopedia logo is a hollow potato named Sophia, a parody of Wikipedia’s globe logo.

Insults, online bashing, sarcasms. Ah. Fun, fun! (more…)