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eraserheads concert confirmed on 30 August August 25, 2008

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eraserheads aug 30 08 CONFIRMED



After all the rumor mongering in blogs regarding the concert being cancelled.. well it isn’t. I just hate the way people hear about something and immediately post the information without even trying to look for confirmation.. don’t you? Tsktsk. This email is from Raymund Marasigan, posted in the official sandwich egroup so I know this is true.



Rico Blanco Leaves Rivermaya. Now What? May 29, 2007

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After weeks of speculation, it has been semi-confirmed (anonymous reliable source) to the Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP) that Rico has left Rivermaya.

Rivermaya survived the departure of Perf de Castro, Bamboo MaƱalac, and Nathan Azarcon simply because they’re not the chief songwriter,” said one music journalist.

Rico was the most important component of that band because he supplied the hits. It was the same when Ely (Buendia) left the Eraserheads. Inasmuch as the other members wanted to continue, they just found it hard to fill in that huge void,” he added.

Blanco authored most of Rivermaya’s well-loved hits such as “214,” “Bring Me Down,” “Awit ng Kabataan,” “Elesi,” “Kisapmata,” “Balisong,” and “241,” among many others.

What say you? (more…)

Rolling Stone Gets Hotter April 5, 2007

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Okay.. this is a very un-Holy Week post but I just couldn’t resist. I will burn in Hell for this. Or maybe lengthen my stay in Purgatory for another hundred years.

Rosario Dawson and Rose McGowan are baring all on the cover of rock magazine Rolling Stone – wearing nothing but bullet belts. The sexy ladies are co-stars in Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez new Grindhouse double-bill, which the magazine has dubbed “the most violent chick flick ever made“.

I thought Rolling Stone was a music-oriented magazine! Oh I am shattered… (more…)