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Chie, let go. September 15, 2008

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I think I know what my problem is at work. I cannot imagine going home with some things left undone. They haunt me at night. 

It’s hard to find people to find the same level of commitment that I have with my work and sometimes it just drives me crazy. Like today.


Hmmm. Maybe that’s also why I’m single. Bugger.

Chie to Self: I have to let go. I need to let go.


Ever wondered why women like bad boys? August 11, 2008

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It’s because they’re safe.

I never really got what the lure was until I met some bad boys. They definitely make life interesting.

But you do expect them to be bad, to break your heart, be someone you can’t really fully trust. And when they fulfill all those expectations, it doesn’t hurt as bad.

When you really think about it though, it still hurts and you blame yourself why you even bothered to paint yourself in that stupid corner.

And then you think about the good boys.

In my experience, they preferred the waif-like wallflowers that will stand by them and swoon, waiting to be rescued. I was never that. I’m more of a fiery passionate bitch. Taming of this shrew would definitely be a challenge. Haha.

So do I prefer bad boys over good boys? Hmmm. Haven’t really made up my mind yet on that one.

Why do people delete their Friendster accounts? May 21, 2007

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Just some of the reasons I’ve come across over the years…  of course they don’t actually admit the reason but it’s usually one of these:

1. They got pregnant or they got someone pregnant.

2. They cheated on someone.

3. They ran away with someone else’s money.

4. They broke up with someone and they’re totally shattered.

5.  Public Scandal.

I can name at least three people for each of these reasons… hehehe. Don’t have Friendster? WTF?!?? Sign Up Here!

New Landline. Why the hell..?!? May 18, 2007

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I got a text this afternoon from my mother.

This is our new home phone XXX-XXXX

Hmm.. okaaaaay.. I don’t think they’ll get an additional number for the house since I’m the only one that really burns the lines anyway. We DON’T NEED an additional number.  So really, my initial reaction was… What the fuck?!? What happened to our old number?!?? (more…)

Life Without Regrets May 3, 2007

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There is no such thing as a life without any regrets. However, regrets can become either burdens that interfere with your present happiness and restrict your future, or motivation to move on. It doesn’t even have to be a big thing.. it can be insignificant little things that will make you wonder and ask what if? (more…)

What You Shouldn’t Talk About on a First Date April 25, 2007

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It wasn’t my worst date but it was fairly bad. Uhm, I think I was fairly bad. Hehe.

I had a date recently. He was a fairly nice guy: nice looking, mature, sweet… until he started talking about… (more…)

Back in Time April 21, 2007

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We were at the Philippine National Library yesterday and I couldn’t help but take pictures of the articles I went through in 1999 and 2000…

There was a time when gas cost Php. 16.00 per liter.


A Day at the Philippine National Library April 20, 2007

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For a special assignment, we had to troop towards the Philippine National Library today. Though I knew it would be an easy day, I wasn’t looking forward to it because of the damn heat. I like the comfort of my own cubicle… airconditioned room, internet all day, my mp3 collection…. I didn’t want to trade that in for a day in hot, smokey Manila. Yech.

We (me plus two officemates) left the office at around 10AM and got caught in a bumper-to-bumper traffic along Roxas Blvd. No surprise there. Upon arriving at the National Library we had to register and get our own library card for 50 bucks. Think of it as a donation to the Library because when you get there you’d really feel the urge to make a donation. It was a nice building, a few decades old but sturdy. What bothered me the most was the state of the materials in the library. We made our way to the Filipiniana section, up a flight of stairs to the newspaper archives. It was a sad sight. A very very very sad sight.

Our assignment was to find a few articles with certain key words, about a particular person and some key incidents. I thought it would be pretty easy but when I entered the archive section I knew it was going to be a loooooong day for all of us.

Filipiniana Section - Archives


Why “Nice Guys” are often such LOSERS April 19, 2007

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I remember this article I read a few months ago, just felt like posting it here. Have fun. Hehe.

Why “Nice Guys” are often such LOSERS

You hear it all the time: “He was such a NICE Guy, and she’s such a Heartless Bitch for dumping him.”

I get letters from self-professed Nice Guys, complaining that women must WANT to be treated like shit, because THEY, the “Nice Guy” have failed repeatedly in relationships. This is akin to the false logic that “Whales are mammals. Whales live in the sea. Therefore, all mammals live in the sea.”

If you have one bad relationship after another, the only common denominator is YOU. Think about it. (more…)

Friday the 13th April 13, 2007

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When I woke up this morning I pretty much did the same things… ate breakfast, fed and combed my dog, and was off to work early. As checked my emails, my eyes darted to the time and date and then I noticed. It’s Friday the 13th today.

I’ve never really experienced anything unusual during Friday the 13th, I just found it a novelty. If you’re the superstitious type, don’t be paralyzed with fear. It’s not the end of the world but maybe we’ll find out by the end of the day. Hehe. (more…)