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What’s the Hype Over These Overpriced Flip Flops? March 29, 2007

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Havaianas. Another one of those dumb fads. What is the hype over these overpriced flip flops anyway?


Nine hundred bucks for a pair of rubber slippers? They’re not even that pretty! I didn’t have a shoegasm (slippergasm?) when I saw one. Filipinos (or should I say Filipinas?) are going agog over these expensive, overhyped flip flops especially since its Summer already. Since their arrival in the Philippines, Havaianas now have an unprecedented cult following.. fan girls over at GirlTalk call themselves Havies. Ick. The pricey ridiculously expensive slippers were actually considered a status symbol (still is now) in a country where slippers or tsinelas come in cheap: you can buy one at the local market for fifty bucks. (more…)


How did hideous rubber shoes become a fad? March 22, 2007

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What. The. Fuck.

Celebrities wearing the ugliest footwear on the planetThe world has gone mad. When did it become okay for women, children, and hot celebs like Nicole Appleton and Faith Hill to skulk around in cartoon-mouse footwear?? Notice that Nicole and Faith look their ugliest in their croc-wearing-pictures on the left.

If you’ve seen Crocs on the street, you’d understand. Crocs are absolutely the ugliest footwear I’ve ever seen. Seeing hot pink crocs on a 40-something woman was beyond hilarious.. it was pitiful even. Kids wearing crocs are forgivable.. they look really cute on those tiny feet. However, if your kids look ugly then don’t even bother buying a pair. I wouldn’t pay a dime for something that costs that ugly (Php.1,800 to Php.3,000 for the ugly shoes and Php.150 to Php.250 for the accessories).