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I love CS3 May 22, 2007

Posted by Me in Technology.
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I just installed CS3 on my PC and laptop and it blew my socks off. I absolutely love love looooove the 3rd incarnation of Adobe’s Creative Suite.

I just love love love CS3. Why? Check out my new faves… (more…)


You Shouldn’t Piss Off Potential Clients April 11, 2007

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As I said in my last post, I am looking to hire a SEO Specialist locally. So as usual, I google and join relevant forums, make a small email blast and bug people in my YM:

Do you know any SEO specialists in the Philippines? I have a challenging project… will probably look great on your list of clientele too.

Though it has been around for years, not many people are familiar with SEO or Search Engine Optimization. I’ve even had techie people (programmers, web designers) ask me what it is. Sheesh. If I had time, I’d be getting into this thing.. but I digress, I shall talk about that in another post.

Anyway, we’ve met with a few people into SEO but since this is a new thing for us my boss wants to meet with several more people and pick the one we’re comfortable working with.

Personally, I think this project is a great opportunity to show how talented good you really are. And with that in mind, I’ve been asking people in my YM for recommendations… then there was Mike. (more…)

Yahoo Copies Everything March 28, 2007

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Inq7 reports that Yahoo Inc. plans to offer unlimited e-mail storage to its roughly quarter of a billion users, starting in May, it said on Tuesday. Well okaaaaay… that’s something new. Next thing you know they’ll be changing their name to Yahoogle and start bribing Webster to make Yahooed a transitive verb just like Googled.

Just admit it Yahoo: YOU SUCK! (more…)

How To Kill a Brand: Play Station 3 March 21, 2007

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Despite the buildup and hype around its arrival in November, the PS3 has been outsold so far — at a rate of almost 2-to-1 — by the Nintendo Wii, according to USA Today. In February, the Wii was the top-selling console video game system with an estimated 335,000 sold, outpacing the Microsoft Xbox 360 (228,000) and the PS3 (127,000), according to The NPD Group.

Check out this video I found online. It’s just waaay too great (and too funny) not to share with as many people as possible. The song is called “How to Kill a Brand” by Doc Adams, a parody sung to the tune of “How to Save a Life” by Fray. It sums up perfectly why the I’m not at all excited with the PS3. (more…)

Applying the World’s Latest Technology in Men’s Pantiliners March 21, 2007

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Yep, you read it right. Men’s Pantiliners. Love Moon proudly announces that they’ve created the first sanitary pad for men. It is made up of high grade pure cotton with a patented negative ion chip inlaid in the cotton for the prevention and relief of genital diseases! This is GREAT news! For you guys out there, you wouldn’t have to worry about a thing.. your special buddy will be safely nestled in negative ions that will regularize blood circulation (we all know that all that jacking off has increased your blood pressure).

Pantiliners for Men

This has got to be one of the most ridiculous ads thing I’ve ever seen. (more…)